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Built in 1875, St. Mary's Art and Retreat Center is the Grand Dame of Virginia City, NV and on the National Historic Register.  High up in the Virginia Range Mountains, perched near old gold and silver mine shafts, in the lost in time mining town of the Comstock Era, is St. Mary's Art and Retreat Center.  Originally a Hospital for the Comstock miners, left empty for many years after the Gold Rush declined, only to be saved in 1964 by Father Meinecke, who had great foresight and a plan.  St. Mary's Hospital was dedicated to the Arts and Culture, by Father Meinecke, and the abandoned building became a living, vibrant Art Center.  
Reproductions of original water color paintings are available in note cards and matted wall art. The note cards (5"x7") come in sets of eight. The matted reproductions are in the size S(5"x7") and M(8"x10") and L(11"x14") Other sizes can be special ordered. The mats are white with a black core and a black V groove. Each one comes with a hard core backing and is in a clear protective cellophane shield.

St. Mary's Art & Retreat Center, Virginia City, NV