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“Welcome to Virginia City” is a landmark as you enter Virginia City, Nevada. When visiting Virginia City you will hear and see the early historical sites and sounds of the ‘Old Wild West’ and the glorious gold and silver mining era that made Virginia City and Storey County, Nevada so famous. The discovery of these minerals in Northern Nevada started initially in 1859, with the largest site being the COMSTOCK Lode in 1873 that produced its treasures until the early 1880’s. The COMSTOCK Lode was and still is the largest silver mine ever discovered in the United States. The time span of those glory days was only about twelve [12] years until the mine was closed. Old trains, historical buildings, and the mining scenes immediately takes your mind back to those days and a mental picture of that rough and tumble life that pushed Nevada into the spot light as a new state in 1864 to help propel President Lincoln into his second term.
Reproductions of original water color paintings are available in note cards and matted wall art. The note cards (5"x7") come in sets of eight. The matted reproductions are in the size S(5"x7") and M(8"x10") and L(11"x14") Other sizes can be special ordered. The mats are white with a black core and a black V groove. Each one comes with a hard core backing and is in a clear protective cellophane shield.

Welcome to Virginia City, Nevada