The Yellow Jacket Mine is located in Gold Hill Nevada near Virginia City. There were four main shafts of the Yellow Jacket in locations about Gold Hill.  Over the years the Yellow Jacket yielded about twenty million dollars in silver and gold, and ultimately reached depths of over 3,300 feet.  While prospecting the vein, the miner’s uncovered a yellow jacket nest within the surface rock, hence the name.  The Yellow Jacket mine was in operation from 1859 until sometime in the mid twentieth century. The Yellow Jacket Mine is well known for possibly the worst mining disaster in Nevada history. In April of 1869 a fire was reported in the mine and spread at the 800 foot level. Close to forty miners lost their lives from smoke inhalation, poisonous gas and heat within the shafts of the Yellow Jacket, Crown Point and Kentuck mines. 
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Yellow Jacket Mine, Virginia City, NV